Hughson Unified School District Uses Aeries Communication for Notifications.

Aeries Communications is a rapid notification system that will help the district communicate with students and parents by delivering a variety of phone, text and email messages.

Parents will receive two different types of messages from the district or individual schools:

  • Outreach messages that do not directly affect the safety of students, staff or parents; these include upcoming events, delayed school bus routes and absenteeism. These messages display the school’s phone number on caller ID.

  • Emergency notifications are used during critical incidents where a child, staff member or parent’s safety is in immediate jeopardy; these calls include lockdowns, evacuations and relocations.

These messages come from sender 633-71 and will have HUSD identified in the message

Aeries Communications can reach thousands of parents per minute to deliver information rapidly in emergency and non-emergency situations.

If you have any questions about the notification system, please call the District Office at 883-4428.