Tiffany Wilson
Meet Tiffany Wilson

Name: Tiffany Wilson

School: Hughson Elementary School

Position: Kindergarten

Experience and education: I graduated from CSU Stanislaus and earned my credential through Teachers College of San Joaquin. This is my fourth year as a teacher. I have taught grades TK-1.  

What attracted you to Hughson? I was attracted to Hughson Unified because of the values and sense of community.  I love small-town life and the connection between schools and families.  

What most inspires you about what you do? Teaching offers a unique opportunity to continuously learn alongside your students.  I am always inspired by their curiosities and capacity for learning. 

What is a challenge you look forward to tackling this year? One challenge I am looking forward to this year is learning more about the “Hughson way” and all the different events, traditions and processes that make Hughson Unified so unique.  

What is your favorite teaching tool or activity? My favorite teaching activity is movement.  I am a mover and I love offering students opportunities to learn through movement and hands-on activities. 

What do you want your students to remember? I want my students to remember how they feel when they enter their classroom. I hope all of my students feel like a special member of our class community and experience what it means to be recognized for their unique contributions. 

How can parents support what you do? Parents can support our work in the classroom by staying engaged with their students’ learning.  Asking questions, having conversations, and encouraging positive classroom behaviors at home translates to success in the classroom.  

What would surprise people about your job? Most people are surprised about the degree of rigor and amount of responsibility that kindergartners are capable of successfully managing. 

What do you do for fun? I love to work out, travel and be outdoors.